Core Properties, LLC performs the following functions:
- Rents out quality homes to quality tenants
- Assists with information about the Milwaukee rental market
- Assists select out of area investors with finding a good rental property, rehabbing and getting great tenants (currently at limit of investors and not taking on any more at this time, sorry)

Video, Audio, and Publications

Bigger Pockets Podcast 29 - Peer to Peer Lending
Dawn shares her strategy for buying low priced houses (with unique financing in place) fixing them up, and leasing them out to great tenants.

Sub $30,000 Real Estate Investing
Strategies for investing in properties under $30,000.

Landlording Strategies and Mistake Correction
Dawn was on a live interview discussing landlording, screening tenants, and that making mistakes while investing isn't the end of the world.
(Link no longer available.)

How to Avoid Rental Drama by Being a Boring Landlord
Mitigate risk from bad tenants and bad properties with these tips.

Secrets to Real Estate Investing with a Full Time Job
What are the secrets to investing in real estate while working full time? How do you make it happen?

The First Step in Buying a Rental Property
Taking the plunge and buying a rental property - what's the first step?

The Second Step in Buying a Rental Property
Should I Be An Agent or Simply Work With One?

Investing in Milwaukee
A PDF e-Book guide for out of state investors
Fourth Edition

Media Mentions

Bigger Pockets Podcast 73 - Investing in Rental Properties when Your Area is Too Expensive
Mehran Kamari shares his success in investing out of state with the assistance of Dawn Anastasi in the local Milwaukee market.

Life Hacks for Landlords
This article shares two of Dawn's landlord 'hacks' for use in rental properties to save time and money.

Bigger Pockets 2013 Review
Dawn is mentioned twice in the success section on the real estate forum Bigger Pockets.

How to Sell Your House: 100 Tips
Contributed ideas to help sell a house faster in a retail market.

The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner
This book is full of practical, real-world advice for those looking to build wealth and cash flow through rental properties. Dawn was mentioned in Chapter 6 about investing with a partner in an out of state area.

Speaking Engagements

April 21 - 22, 2018
Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Investing Summit
Philadelphia, PA
Spoke on peer-to-peer lending and investing out of state.

November 10, 2016
Manhattan-Area Real Estate Investing Group
New York City, NY
Investing for Cash Flow

August 27, 2016
SF Bay Real Estate Summit
Oakland, CA
Investing in $30,000 Houses Out of State

May 30, 2015
Brew City Real Estate Investment Meetup
Milwaukee, WI
Tips and Tricks to help find that Perfect Tenant!